5x pet-friendly houseplants

5x pet-friendly houseplants

Staghorn Fern

Perfect for World Animal Day – the leaves look like antlers, hence the name – and a lovely match for the fall season. The Staghorn’s Fern, or platycerium, is an easy to care for fern that can grow tall and wild. No worries if Fluffy the bunny chews on one of the leaves once or twice, this plant is totally safe for your pets.


With its bright, tropical looks and fierce flowers, the bromeliad looks like one of those tricky, poisonous plants you might find in a jungle somewhere. Surprisingly, the plant is completely safe for your pets, and also very easy to care for. Bromeliads don’t need much water and enjoy a bright spot somewhere without direct sunlight. And did we mention that gorgeous flower?


Calathea’s aren’t the easiest plants, but they do make for a perfect match with pet lovers. Gorgeous leaves with artistic patterns and interesting shapes, leaves that close at night only to open again in the morning. Give your pets something to look at!


This popular houseplant is very easy to take care of, and if Tiger the cat or Fido the dog runs off with one of the leaves every now and then, there’s nothing to worry about. The best thing about pileas is that they’re incredibly easy to propagate. You’ll have an entire pilea forest in no time!

Banana plant

With his big, bright leaves, the banana plant provides a lovely shady spot for your pets in the summer. In the winter, they can play hide and seek behind the plant’s thick stem. A perfect plant for your curious furry friends.