We have a suitable flowerpot for every corner in and around your house. Get inspired by our extensive collection and green up your home. Buy your flowerpot online, directly from the product page!


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We have the perfect flowerpot for every place in and around your home. Black, white, grey, or a pop of colour like yellow or green: at elho, you'll always find something that suits your taste and your interior. Our extensive collection includes plastic flowerpots for indoors, outdoors, or for your balcony. Our pots with a watering system are super handy, especially if you're not home very often or if you tend to forget to water your plants. Pots with a drainage system? We've got them! What will you be planting in your new flowerpot? A cosy table-sized plant, or a trendy houseplant? Be inspired by our extensive collection of flowerpots and surround yourself with green!

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