The Ocean Collection made from maritime waste

Help to keep the oceans clean

Design flower pots, produced in a sustainable way

Nature makes us happy! It makes you feel healthier and it gives you a huge energy boost. Green up your home with elho, it makes you happier. We produce the most beautiful designer pots and we create them with nature in mind.

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Produced with wind energy
  • Our products are fully recyclable
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Hero of the week: the pure coupe

Put your plant on a pedestal - literally - with the pure coupe!

Our Purpose

Together we Give Room to Nature

It’s our dream to build a greener, better world - and encourage others to join us.

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How to care for your houseplant in fall: 4 elho tips

Decorating our home with new plants, that makes us especially happy in spring, doesn't it? The urge to drastically change your home and interior is known not once, but twice a year. Like now, in autumn. It slowly starts to get colder again, we turn...

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From seed to harvest

Oh how I love the vegetable garden, especially the process leading up to growth and harvest. Going from seed to harvest with quick results is something I absolutely adore. There’s a lot to harvest in the summer, but I’ve noticed that our motivation...