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Design flower pots, produced in a sustainable way

Nature makes us happy! It makes you feel healthier and it gives you a huge energy boost. Green up your home with elho, it makes you happier. We produce the most beautiful designer pots and we create them with nature in mind.

  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Produced with wind energy
  • Our products are fully recyclable
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Hero of the week: green basics grow pot allin1

Made with recycled plastic, made with wind energy, 100% recyclable

Our Purpose

Together we Give Room to Nature

It’s our dream to build a greener, better world - and encourage others to join us.

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SOS: Rescueplan for houseplants in a winter depression

This blogpost is written by Rosalien from @Greeny_Lab In my previous blogpost for elho I explained how you prepare your houseplants for autumn. Still, some indoorplants will struggle during fall and winter. In this blog I will tell you what you can...

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This is how you start your own vegetable garden

Have you wanted to start your own vegetable garden for years? A good start is half the work. Although there is not much to do in the vegetable garden in January, you can certainly start with a vegetable garden plan! This way you will soon be able to...