Spare parts

Lost a part or broken something? No problem! Here you can order some of our spare parts free of charge. Your pots will be fixed in no time!Please note... You can only order a maximum of 1 piece of each spare part. We offer this for free, but we can only offer this service if we limit the quantities. Have a green day!


universal hanging basket blister

Use the cord and attach it to hanging baskets to hang them.

pure cleanset

For easy and environmentally friendly cleaning your pure pot.

green basics garden xxl 100cm fixator

Use the metal fixator for extra stability of the green basics garden XXL.

O-ring plug HDPE BSP3/4

Use this black rubber adapter ring in combination with the green basics rain barrel, for connecting a filling system of 40 or 32 mm.

drainpipe clicker fixator

Place the drainpipe clicker fixator between the pot and drainpipe for improved stability.

gb grow table xxl fixator

Use the metal fixator for extra stability of the green gasics grow table XXL.

corsica easy balcony bracket 3

Use the metal fixator on the back of the corsica easy balcony. This fixator ensures that the planter is placed horizontally.

pure sand stability cap (111048-ø50mm)

Use the cap to close the sand filling hole at the bottom of our pure pots.

set of 2 wheels

Set with 2 wheels, universal use for all elho products with wheels.

set of 2 flower bridge fixators

Set with 2 fixators, place it on the bottom side of the flower bridge in order to place the product more stable to balkonrailings. Suitable for all elho flower bridges.

spare parts set tomato pot

Set with spare parts for the green basics tomato pot. Contains 9 sticks, three rings and three clips.

universal hanger 50cm anthracite

Attach the unihanger to hanging baskets to hang them anywhere.

universal tap - rainbarrel / raindrop

An universal tap which can be used in combination with all elho rainbarrels.

gb grow table super xxl fixator

Use the metal fixator for extra stability of the green basics grow table super xxl.

brussels herbs allin1 13cm cordpin

Replacement item for brussels herbs allin1 with cotton cord

green basics rainbarrel lid living black

Replacement lid for the green basics rainbarrel.

#universele plug 29x26,5mm nature green

Use this plug in pots of our fuente collection when used indoors to avoid dripping.