These 5 indoor plants should not be missing in your home in 2021

These 5 indoor plants should not be missing in your home in 2021


The epipremnum aurem is one of the strongest and easiest plants in my list. This hanging and climbing plant likes slightly moist soil. Make sure that no water remains at the bottom of the pot, as this can cause root rot. Place the epipremnum in a light place without direct sunlight.

Fun facts: This plant grows very fast. Before you know it, the epipremnum aurem will take over your entire house. Perfect if you want to create an urban jungle. It's also very suitable for cuttings. When you let the epipremnum aurem climb, the leaves will grow larger than if you let the plant hang. In the latter case, the leaves remain compact.


The alocasia polly is a more difficult houseplant to care for, but really worth bringing home! The alocassia originates from the tropics, where it is used to high temperatures and high humidity. So make sure you regularly spray the leaves with a plant sprayer to boost this humidity in the house.

The alocasia polly prefers a place with a lot of light, but where little direct sunlight shines on the leaves. Keep the soil slightly moist. It is better to give the alocasia a small amount of water twice a week than a large shoot once a week.

Do not be alarmed if a leaf dies with the arrival of a new shoot. This is very normal! You can simply cut off the dying leaves. I also regularly dust the leaves with a wet cloth. This way the plant can absorb more light again.


The syngonium angustatum is a real climbing and hanging plant and is known for its special leaves. This plant prefers a position with indirect light, but the syngonium can also survive well in partial shade. However, the leaf pattern will remain most beautiful when you stand this plant in partial shade. Make sure the soil feels slightly moist. Because this plant is also used to a tropical climate, it will be very happy with an occasional spray to increase the humidity.


The philodendron verrucosum is extra special because of its velvet leaves and hairy stems. This plant can be placed in both a light and a somewhat shady spot. Watch out for yellow leaves! This indicates that the philodendron is getting too much light. The soil of the philodendron verrucosum may feel moist. This plant also likes a spray at its time. If the leaf has brown, crispy edges on the outside, this is a sign of too dry air. In this case, spray more often. The name philodendron is derived from the Greek words philo 'love, affection' and dendron 'tree'. An appropriate name since the philodendron likes to climb a tree (moss pole).


The maranta lemon lime owes its name to the lime-colored pattern on the leaf. This plant is easy to care for and the soil may feel slightly moist. In addition, the maranta can also survive well in the shade. Fun fact: The maranta is nicknamed the prayer plant. The plant holds its leaves open downwards or straight during the day, and at night the leaves close vertically and resemble praying hands, thus the name Prayer Plant!

Hopefully you've gained new inspiration with my top 5 houseplants of 2021 and you can't wait to green up your house with plants this year! Do'nt forget that each plant requires specific care and that the leaves of the plant often indicate whether your green friend is getting too much or too little water or whether it is in the right location. Would you like to know more about what you can do if your plant is in a slump? In my previous blog for elho I give you useful tips & tricks!


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