Pure beads: the perfect translation of Flintstone chic

Pure beads: the perfect translation of Flintstone chic

Interior trend: Flintstone chic

One of the trends that caught our attention focusses on natural materials with a chic and raw edge. The awareness concerning the  sustainability of the planet through our current lifestyle becomes more important. We are searching for ways to include this in our interior. To do so, we include more than ever natural, organic shapes in our styles combined with soft ‘earthy’ colour schemes.  That’s why we are more interested in natural and environmental friendly materials, organic shapes and colours.

The Flinstone chic trend combines luxury with sustainability. In our interiors this trend is recognizable by its warm and natural colours, such as cool and warm shades of brown, beige, grays and nudes. But also by the matte finishes, the round and organic shapes and the way materials are combined. The materials are mostly natural (or resemble natural materials) and stone and marble are combined with wool, linen and (vegan) leather.

Moodboard: Koninklijke INretail, 2019.
The name, Flintstone chic, says it all: natural, back to basic, materials with a chic edge.

Pure beads

At elho we translated this trend into our latest exclusive collection, the pure beads! The luxurious pot features a round and robust design, has a matte finish, and comes in three natural colours: balanced beige, pebble pink and walnut brown.

The round, soft, organic design of this pot fits perfectly in every interior and garden and can easily be combined with various plants and flowers. The ultimate flower pot for indoors and outdoors! Plus they come with a nice extra, the 28 cm self-watering insert fits perfectly in these pots.