6 x pretty pattern plants for your interior

6 x pretty pattern plants for your interior

Alocasia Zebrina

This alocasia looks like an average, pretty plant, but you might want to take a closer look at the stems. Yes, that’s a zebra print! The alocasia is the perfect tropical plant for anyone with a not-so-secret love for animal prints.

Begonia Maculata

One quick look at your wardrobe and everybody knows: you’re a polkadot fanatic. Totally understandable, because polkadots are some of the most fun, happy patterns around, and this plant will most definitely put a smile on your face. And no, we didn’t paint those dots on the leaves, that’s all Mother Nature!


Calatheas come in many different shapes, colours, and sizes, from purple to bright green to mosaic drawings and snakeskin patterns. A great match for anyone who loves abstract art, and doesn’t mind taking care of a slightly difficult (but beautiful!) plant.

Ficus Elastica

With its thick leaves and green with pastel pink/orange/yellow hues, the ficus elastica is the perfect plant for a soft, romantic interior. The popular ficus lyrata’s little sister does need a bit more plant care than average, but she’s more than worth it.

Alocasia Bambino

The Alocasia Bambino is also known as the African mask plant, thanks to the shape of its leaves and distinct white veins. As a spooky mask the plant works well as a Halloween prop, but also enjoys being the prettiest boy in plant class amongst your other tropical plants the rest of the year.

Begonia Rex 

A subtle plant that still stands out from the crowd thanks to the different, bold colours on its pretty little leaves. A bright, bohemian interior would be a lovely match with this vibrant plant.