3 tips for a quick balcony makeover

3 tips for a quick balcony makeover

Turning your balcony into a green oasis is super easy. With the right balcony planters, you can transform your balcony into a colourful sanctuary in no time. Want to see fast results? Go ahead and give your balcony a quick makeover with our 3 tips.

1. Green up vertically

Balcony space can be limited, but elho has a solution for that. In addition to balcony planters that can be hung on the balcony railing, you can also opt for a vertical forest. This set consists of two or three pots that hang below one another so that you can fit in many more of your favourite plants in one go. Do you have wall space on your balcony as well? If so, you can also hang wall baskets and playfully spread them out across the wall. Or go for a loft urban wall rack. Go to our blog to read Floor Korte’s tips on vertical gardening.

2. A pop of colour

Want to give your balcony a quick makeover? Add a pop of colour! Not just by adding flowers and greenery, but also by choosing colourful balcony planters. Our balcony planters are available in many different colours, so you can always match your balcony to your interior. You can also create an entirely new style and go for completely different tints. Bring the summer to your balcony in no time!

3. Convenience first

No green thumb? No problem. Our balcony planters with a water reservoir help you care for your plants. Excess water is stored so that your plants can absorb it later. This ensures that your plants are never over-watered and can use the reservoir when needed. It’s especially useful if you tend to forget to water them.

With these tips, you can surround yourself with greenery even in small spaces. Excited to get started too? Shares your green makeover on Instagram with the hashtags #elhogreenmakeover #elho #giveroomtonature. Who knows, we might share your creation on our channels!