How to use

What is the maximum possible width of my balcony rail if I want to install the flower bridge?

All flower bridges size 30cm & 60cm from elho are suitable for balcony railings of up to 6cm max. The handy fixators that we supply allow you to securely attach the flower bridge onto the railing. It is that easy!

How to use the brussels herbs?

The brussels herbs are designed in such a way that the herbs you buy in containers of 13cm or 15cm can be placed directly into the pot. So, you do not need to replant your herbs. How clever!

Here you can find an instructional video:   


How do I make sure my pure does not fall over?

Pure products with a raised bottom can be filled with sand for more stability. The plug that you can use is included with the pot. You can fill the pot by standing it on its head and filling it with sand using a funnel.

After having filled it, you can place the enclosed plug in the opening on the bottom of the pot. The plug is designed in such a way that excess water can flow out. Now you do not need to drill extra holes in the bottom. How handy!

If you have lost your pure plug, we will send you a new one free of charge. Click here to contact us.

Here you can find an instructional video: 

Plants love saucers! Which pot matches which saucer?

Are you looking for the matching saucer for your pot? Check the overview to see which saucer is suitable for your flowerpot.

Can I place my pure outside too?

Yes, pure pots can be placed inside or outside. If you want to place the pot outside don't forget to drill the holes on the inside of your pure, so that excess water can leave the pot (you should not drill holes in the pure smart LED). Once you have drilled the holes you can not use the pot inside, only if you put a saucer underneath.

There are holes in the legs of the green basics xxl and super xxl grow tables. Why is that?

The legs of the grow tables are left open so that any excess water can drain away. This ensures that the roots don't get too wet. To prevent soil from flowing with the water when it drains away, you can fill the legs with, for example, clay pebbles. Have fun growing!

My railing is larger than 6 cm, which balcony planter should I buy?

Most of our balcony planters fit on a railing with a maximum width of 6 cm. But we also have troughs that can be paired with our adjustable brackets.

The corsica easy balcony and greenville easy balcony can also be used on a railing of up to 12 cm. If this is not what you are looking for, we also have the following two balcony planters that fit on a 7 cm railing:

Is the easy hanger actually easy to use?

The name says it all “easy” hanger. You plant the flowers/plants directly in the pot with soil and all and you hang them on the railing. And voila, you have a cozy decoration for your balcony. There is already a hole in the pot, here the excess water can drain through the overflow pipe. This means that a layer of water can always remain in the pot, but never too much.

Self-watering insert: how do I use it?

The self-watering insert is a simple watering system that gives the plants exactly the right amount of water when the plant needs it. The system's water meter tells you when to fill it, after which the plants can fend for themselves for weeks. Goodbye plant stress! The self-watering insert fits in most elho indoor pots, as well as other pots made of ceramics, for example. On this page , you will find an image with an overview. Enjoying a green interior without worries, that's the dream!

This video shows the steps to follow when using the insert for the first time:


It's freezing, can my pot withstand this cold weather?

The green basics and pure collection can withstand winter temperatures of up to -20 degrees. But water expands when it freezes and this could potentially break your pot. If your outdoor pot does not have any holes yet, make sure you have drilled holes in the bottom so that excess water can drain away.

Can I put my Elho pot in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can safely put your Elho pot in the dishwasher! We recommend using a 40-degree maximum program. This ensures that your Elho pot remains beautiful and retains its quality for a long time. Always nice to give your pot a good clean!