Complaints and warranty


Complaints and warranty

How will you deal with my complaint?

We strive to deliver the highest possible quality with regard to our products. In the unlikely event that you do have a complaint, we will be happy to work with you to try and find an appropriate solution.

Click here to contact us. 

How can I file a complaint?

You can submit a complaint by clicking here to contact us.

Please include your name, e-mail address, a clear description of your complaint and add the proof of purchase and/or a photo of the product.

UV, frost resistance and color durability of our products

One of the secrets of our success is our focus on plastics. More specifically: we make products in which plastic comes into its own. We, therefore, warrant that our pots are UV-resistant, frost-resistant and that the colour will last. Thanks to the addition of revolutionary colour pigments, our products retain their colour for longer.

What does the warranty include?

We care about our products and naturally do our best to deliver them to you in top condition. Nevertheless, it can happen that a product breaks during transport or that something else happens which entitles you to make a warranty claim. Legally, you are obliged to report the defect to us as soon as possible of discovery. If the defect is covered by the warranty, we will repair or replace the product free of charge. You can find our warranty conditions here: warranty terms.

Nothing in the warranty or any of our terms and conditions restricts or limits your legal rights.

How long are my elho products under warranty?

We provide a 3-year warranty on most of our products. For our light products, this is often 2 years and our pure collection has a 10-year warranty! You can find this information for every product under each products specification section. 
In the unlikely event that problems should arise with your elho purchase, please click here to contact us. Include a photo and a copy of your proof of purchase and we will help you as soon as possible.