An elho planter is suitable for every garden, terrace, balcony, and interior. It makes every house a home. Give room to nature with the stylish planters by elho! View our collection and buy your planter online!


Garden planters

If you’re worried that your small balcony is unfit for plants, then it’s time for vertical planting. You don’t need large spaces to put your plants; all you need is to garden smartly. An elho planter offers you all that is required to grow any kind of plant on your balcony. You can even stack your planters to create as much space as you need for your private garden. With these pots, you can make your own colorful garden whatever the size of your balcony is; who can say no to that? At elho you can find a wide variety of pots for every flower you would like to grow. 


What are planters?

Planters are small containers for people who want to garden on a small surface. The pots are designed to create ideal circumstances for plants. You only have to put fertile soil into the planters. The design of the garden planters allows excess water to drain away through the four holes in the bottom of the container. Your plants can grow in perfect moist soil and get sufficient air and light. Make sure you choose the right plants though; not every plant is suitable for a balcony that will catch much sunlight during the day, or primarily shady places. You can find more information about the perfect conditions for your plants on the tag that usually comes with it. 


A greener existence through the planters of elho

When you love plants, you love the earth, and therefore the planters of elho are made of recycled plastic. During its manufacturing, wind energy was used so that the environment was not affected by the production of the planters. Its sustainable production is not the only way the elho’s planters for gardens contribute to a greener world. Did you know that the air will be cleaner when you have plants in your surroundings? Plants not only produce fresh air gardening but also decrease stress. If you grow your own favorite flowers or plants, you will have it all: fresh air, a cozy environment, and a peaceful mind. What more can you wish for? 


Large and small garden planters

Elho planters are available in various sizes, making them perfect for even the most miniature gardens or balconies. 50x35 cm2 space is already enough to grow the flowers you want. Because of its modular system, you can stack either the small and large planters and create your vertical garden. You can grow more than one plant in every pot, which means you can grow a significant number of plants on a tiny surface. Whether you choose flowerpots or if you prefer the herb garden that you can use to spice up your food, with elho planters everything is possible. In addition, elho offers a wide range of planters on wheels. These types of planters are easy to move and therefore very suitable for a small garden or balcony. 


Planters easily ordered online at elho

If you thought your balcony was too small for plants, it’s time to order elho balcony planters. Within the blink of an eye, you can turn your patio into a garden that will look much better and it will also allow you to develop a new hobby. Order your planters online and take a look at the plants as well. You don’t have to worry about delivery costs when you order two planters or more. 

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