Planters  With Wheels

Planters With Wheels

A planter on wheels, which you can move around in your home or garden without a problem. How useful! View our collection of planters on wheels and Give room to nature! to nature!


Planters on wheels

Do you like to change your interior? Then you might also be interested in reshaping your garden every now and then. Why would you choose a static garden if you can also use flower pots to grow your greenery? Even bigger and heavier plants can be grown in a pot. Will this make them hard to move? Not at all! At elho, you can buy planters on wheels so you can effortlessly place them wherever you want. Did you know you can also grow your plants vertically? At elho, you find all you need to turn even the most minor surface into a beautiful garden!


Green your garden with planters on wheels

You can use the garden in various ways, so why would you put everything in a fixed place? If you’re planning to have dinner in the garden, you can just push the garden planters on wheels aside to create space. These large planters on casters can be used to grow bigger plants that can, for example, block the wind for you. The movable planters on wheels are also ideal for cafés and restaurants that want to create some privacy for their guests. Many options are available, so check which one suits your terrace the best.


Opt for a sustainable garden with elho

It would be contradictory to put your greenery in large planters on wheels made of polluting plastics. Elho’s outdoor planters on wheels are made of recycled and, therefore, sustainable plastics. Every container has several holes at the bottom so water can quickly drain out of the planter. Your flowers will get all the energy they need to flourish out of the remaining soil turning your terrace into an ambient place to spend some time at. Every garden planter on wheels will last for many years.


Buy your planters on wheels online

You don’t have to leave the house to buy your planters on wheels. All you need to do is check the catalog of elho and pick your favorite. You can choose from a wide variety of planters. There are also planters to use indoor for if you would like to apply the same style to your interior. If you don’t know what plants to put in your planters, check the options at elho’s site. Here you find all the inspiration you need to create a garden that is green but still spacious. If you order online and when you order over 40 Pounds, you don’t have to pay delivery costs. Your order will be processed the same day so that you can receive your planters within two days.

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