Product Questions


Product Questions

How to use
Self-watering insert: how do I use it?
The self-watering insert is a simple watering system that gives the plants exactly the right amount of water when the plant needs it. The system's water meter tells you when to fill it, after which the plants can fend for themselves for weeks. Goodbye plant stress! The self-watering insert fits in most elho indoor pots, as well as other pots made of ceramics, for example. On this page, you will find an image with an overview. Enjoying a green interior without worries, that's the dream!
This video shows the steps to follow when using the insert for the first time:
My railing is larger than 6 cm, which balcony planter should I buy?
Most of our balcony planters fit on a railing with a maximum width of 6 cm. But we also have troughs that can be paired with our adjustable brackets on our website. Alternatively, you can see an overview here.
The corsica easy balcony and greenville easy balcony can also be used on a railing of up to 12 cm. 
There are holes in the legs of the green basics xxl and super xxl grow tables. Why is that?

We recommend filling all four legs of the grow table with clay beads. As soon as the legs are filled with clay beads, you can fill the entire grow table with potting soil and start planting! This will prevent the legs from becoming clogged with potting soil, and the floor from getting too dirty and will ensure excess water can easily drain through the clay beads.

It's freezing, can my pot withstand this cold weather?

The green basics and pure collection can withstand winter temperatures of up to -20 degrees. But water expands when it freezes and this could potentially break your pot. If your outdoor pot does not have any holes yet, make sure you have drilled holes in the bottom so that excess water can drain away.

What is the maximum possible width of my balcony rail if I want to install the flower bridge?

All flower bridges sizes 30cm & 60cm from elho are suitable for balcony railings of up to 6cm max. The handy fixators that we supply allow you to securely attach the flower bridge onto the railing. It is that easy!

How do I make sure my pure does not fall over?
Pure products with a raised bottom can be filled with sand for more stability. The plug that you can use is included with the pot. You can fill the pot by standing it on its head and filling it with sand using a funnel.
After having filled it, you can place the enclosed plug in the opening on the bottom of the pot. The plug is designed in such a way that excess water can flow out. Now you do not need to drill extra holes in the bottom. How handy!
If you have lost your pure plug, we will send you a new one free of charge. Click here to contact us.
Here you can find an instructional video:
Plants love saucers! Which pot matches which saucer?

Are you looking for a matching saucer for your pot? You can see which saucers match our products in the combinations recommended on the right-hand side of the product information page.

Can I place my pure outside too?

Yes, pure pots can be placed inside or outside. If you want to place the pot outside don't forget to drill the holes on the inside of your pure, so that excess water can leave the pot (you should not drill holes in the pure smart LED). Once you have drilled the holes you can not use the pot inside, only if you put a saucer underneath.

Can I put my elho pot in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can safely put your elho pot in the dishwasher! We recommend using a 40-degree maximum program. This ensures that your Elho pot remains beautiful and retains its quality for a long time. Always nice to give your pot a good clean!

I want to paint my pots, is this possible?

How cool that you want to paint your pots! Our pots are mainly produced from recycled polyethylene and this material is difficult to paint. We would therefore advise against it, because the result may turn out differently than you expected. But if we can't stop your creativity, our advice would be to slightly roughen the surface and use a plastic primer beforehand.

Are your products safe to consume food from?

Our products are BPA free. The plastic from which our products are made is not transferred into the plant. However, we always recommend washing harvested vegetables before eating them, this prevents polluted substances that are in the air from entering the food and body.

What material are your pots made of?

All our pots are made from (recycled) plastic. For this we use the following materials: 

  • Our outdoor pots are made from recycled polyethene.
  • Our inner pots, sprayers and watering cans are made of polypropylene.
  • Our clear uni dishes are made of polycarbonate.
Mounting and drilling holes
How do I install the pure raindrop?

The pure raindrop is a rain barrel with a unique design. This stylish pure raindrop is a smart water-saving solution with a capacity of 70 liters that is easy to mount on the downpipe.

Before attaching the pure raindrop, please check the following things:

√ the diameter of the downpipe: this should be a minimum of 50 mm to a maximum of 80 mm;
√ make sure there is enough room on both sides of the pure raindrop (diameter 45cm);
√ does the downpipe sit away from the wall with a minimum of 15 mm and a maximum of 35 mm.

Pay attention!
If it freezes during winter months, the raindrop must be emptied. Open the tap and collect the rainwater. The tap must then remain open during the entire frost period. Tip: place a bucket under the tap to collect the extra rainwater.

Download the user manual (PDF) here

Watch the instructional video here: 

How do I install the green basics rain barrel?

Plants love rainwater. Our green basics rain barrel is ideal for storing rainwater and it includes a lid where you can put plants. The capacity of the rain barrel is 200L.

The rain barrel can be attached to your downpipe with a diverter pipe. When the rain barrel is full, the water will flow down through the downpipe. We recommend using either a static diverter or a flexible diverter.

The rain barrel is supplied with:

  • Lid
  • Tap
  • Stopper/plug (yellow)

Download the user manual (PDF) here

Watch the instruction video here : 

Do I have to drill holes in my pot?

Our outdoor pots already have holes, with the exception of our pure collection because these are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. If these pots are placed outside, you can drill holes yourself in the indicated places. You can recognize these places by the drill icon shown in the pot.

Our inside pots do not have pre-drilled holes. You can place your plant with the inner pot directly into all our indoor pots. This way you can see when the roots have grown too much and are ready to be repotted to a larger pot. Another option is to place your plant directly in the elho pot (without the inner pot). We recommend that you first place a layer of clay pebbles on the bottom so that the roots of the plants aren’t drowning in water too quickly. The challenge here is to give just enough – often rather too little than too much – water. It is best to get advice from the garden center / the horticulturist / flower and garden specialist.

How do I know which brackets to use for my balcony planter?

If you are looking for a suitable bracket for your elho balcony planter, you can look at the overview to see which brackets are suitable.

There is a layer of water in my green basics rain barrel. How can I get it out?

It is true that there will always be a layer of water in the rain barrel. However, you can almost completely empty the rain barrel. You can do this by removing the yellow plug that is below the tap, then you can let the rest of the water drain away.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mount the tap at a lower point because otherwise there will not be enough space to put a watering can under it. In addition, the rain barrel does not work on water pressure or with pipes, which normally causes the water at the bottom to rise. 

Self-watering insert: which size do I need for which size pot?

The insert fits in most elho indoor pots, as well as other pots. For example pots made of ceramics. On this page you will find an image with an overview of which size insert you need for which size pot.

There is a water reservoir in the loft urban, but I don't see a hole in the pot?

The entire loft collection has a built-in water reservoir. This reservoir ensures that your plant never gets too much water, keeping your plant healthy! The water reservoir collects the excess water. When it rains, your plant will not stand with its roots in the water, but some of the water will be stored in the water reservoir. The extra water flows away through the overflow pipe. You do not have to drill holes in the loft products yourself, we have already done this for you.
In short: the plant roots are never in the water but can extract water from the reservoir if necessary. We love healthy plants!

Watch the instructional video:

My white pure pot has some black specks. What should I do?

Due to the production process, pores are one of the characteristics of this product. Pores are small pins on the surface of the pure and are more sensitive to dirt in the environment. How can you prevent this? The following instructions will help you to enjoy your white pure.

We advise you to never fill your white pure to the border with potting soil and cover the border while filling your pure. The end result will be a perfect white pure product!

What if your pure pot does have some black specks? By using the special cleaning sets for the pure collection, your pure will be clean in a second.

Click here to contact us about the cleaning set.

My product is not working
Water is not draining from the lid of my green basics rain barrel, what should I do?

How nice that you bought a rain barrel! Not only environmental friendly, plants also love rainwater.

How unfortunate that the water does not leave the lid. This can be caused by several factors.

It is important that the rain barrel is properly connected to the drainpipe with an angled PVC filler or a flexible filler where the connection to the drainpipe is at exactly the same height as the connection to the rain barrel. If this is done correctly, the water should flow into the drainpipe when the rain barrel tank is full. It is necessary that the barrel is level. If the filling tube is installed too high or if the rainwater tank is not level, the water cannot drain away and the planter will fill up with water.

At the back of the rain barrel, just under the lid, you will find a small hole with a drill mark. It can happen that the rain barrel fills up a little too much if it is not completely level. This hole can then prevent the lid from overflowing and the plants in the lid from floating in water. Ultimately, this hole is an extra safeguard and we recommend only using it if you are unable to install the rain barrel horizontally.

If the installation seems correct and you have checked everything mentioned above but the planter is still full of water, you can send us a picture of the rain barrel and the connection. We may then be able to give you some tips. Click here to contact us.

I have a pure raindrop, the tap is broken. What now?

We are sorry to hear that the tap of your rain collector has broken. This is very impractical!

The current version of the pure raindrop has been part of our collection since 2019 and has a different tap than the older pure raindrop. We will be happy to send you a new tap free of charge. Please click here to contact us.

The old version of the pure raindrop was a temporary product in our collection and has been out of stock for about five years.

If you have the old model, you can use a universal tap (1/2 inch) that is available at most DIY stores. Sometimes it also helps to use a coupling piece / transition piece (reducer ring) to a 3/4-inch universal tap. These taps are available from any DIY store.

If you are not sure which version you have, you can send our consumer service a picture of your pure raindrop via the link above.

My sprayer is leaking, what should I do?

This is not the quality you should expect from our products. We would like to ask you to send a photo/video to our green team. Is the EAN sticker still on the bottom of the product? Then it would help enormously to also send a photo of this, plus the order number of your order. Click here to contact us. Then we will look into all the options together.