Plants can improve your health: these places use greenery to create healthier environments


You can already find one in cities like Berlin and Oslo, and if it’s up to the Green City Solutions people, there’s going to be one in cities all over the world. The CityTree looks like a billboard, but instead of the latest Coca Cola ad, all you can see is bright green moss. The moss works like a natural air filter and removes harmful toxins and particulate matter from the air.

Via Verde

Similar to the CityTree, the Via Verde project uses plants to clean the air in busy Mexico City. By turning an elevated highway into a vertical garden, or ‘living walls’, the project creates clean air for about 25,000 residents. Besides cleaner air, the plants also create a gorgeous, vertical 27 kilometer city garden. Something lovely to look at when stuck in traffic!


De Ceuvel, Amsterdam 

Plants aren’t just good for our health, but for that of our environment as well. At De Ceuvel in Amsterdam, a former wharf now home to innovative start-ups, plants are used to clean the polluted soil. Because of the area’s former function, the soil is filled with harmful metals and oils, meaning it can’t be used to grow veggies. Garden designers planted plants like foxglove and thistle, whose roots can absorb these metals. The goal is to clean the soil entirely, using just plants.  



Working out outside is great, but when it’s pouring rain, lifting truck tires at bootcamp in the park suddenly doesn’t sound like the greatest plan. The Biofit gyms in Stockholm, Calgary and London are filled with plants and moss walls in order to create the healthiest fitness environment possible. A proper dose of healthy, green fresh air while you’re stuck in downward dog, sounds perfect!