Balcony inspiration: which summer trend are you going for?

Balcony inspiration: which summer trend are you going for?

A colourful sea of flowers on every balcony 

Flowers and plants give a balcony atmosphere. Even if you don’t have room for flowerpots and planters on the floor, you can easily transform your balcony into a colourful sea of flowers. In the elho corsica collection you’ll find various original and creative planters for every balcony. The corsica flower bridge is a unique and very elegant flowerpot to adorn your balcony railings or fencing. Have you had enough of that boring drainpipe? With the corsica drainpipe clicker you can easily do something about it. The trend of the moment? Vertical gardening. If your balcony is not big or green enough, just go high with the corsica vertical garden!

Balcony inspiration: the trends of this year

In our outdoor collection you’ll find a wealth of balcony inspiration. We place some popular styles in a row for you!

The city balcony

Make your private domain extra green with the loft urban collection from elho. Enjoy the fresh air in a sea of colour and modern design, suitable for every season. Each flowerpot in this collection comes with a built-in water reservoir. Did you water it too much or was there a summer rain shower? All the excess water is collected so you don’t always have to use your watering can.

The Ibiza balcony

Are you looking for the ultimate holiday feeling? You really don’t have to get on an airplane. With the pure collection from elho you bring Ibiza to your own balcony. Modern, sophisticated and dynamic, the pure straight crystal gives your balcony a luxurious look and reminds you daily of the beautiful holiday island.

The Bohemian balcony

Bohemian is really hot in 2017. The style, with its hippie influences, stands for the 'free life'. And where would you rather be free than on your own balcony? Are you looking for inspiration to set up your own private paradise with this colourful style? Take a look at the barcelona collection. Soft colours, smart solutions and planters full of promise! In addition, this collection coordinates very well with the algarve products for even more possibilities.

A romantic balcony

In the arms of your lover, watching the sun go down in a beautiful setting. How romantic does that sound?! Do you want to build your own love nest in the open air? Then let your imagination run free with the extensive corsica collection from elho. The most beautiful colours, maximum ease of use and very atmospheric in combination with flowers with soft tints.

The second living room

By no means does everyone have a spacious balcony, but elho has developed something for just that. The flowerpots of the allure collection are for both indoor and outdoor use. By using the same style in both spaces, your balcony looks optically larger. It becomes your second living room, to enjoy the most of the open air.

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