We believe once people are inspired to invite nature into their daily lives, they will embrace it even more. elho and you - the retailer - share the same objectives when it comes to reaching the shopper. Based on 3 drivers we can further build our partnership together.

Partnership driver 1: 

Innovation drives our market. For many years elho has been the leading innovator in the synthetic pottery market, making you relevant for current and future shoppers. 

Product innvovation
Widest assortment serving all consumer groups
At the forefront of trends in colour, design and technology

Supply chain innovation 
Outstanding solutions regarding all supply chain demands (e.g. drop shipments and city concepts) 
Full control of total supply chain: design, production and logistics
Shorter delivery time - year after year

Shop floor innovation 
In-store solutions for all retailer formats
Shopper analysis for ongoing assortment optimisation

Partnership driver 2:

Join us while we support you on every touch point that successfully impacts our product & supply chain. We provide you with excellent service and the best shopper experience based on extensive marketing knowledge.

No worries. Best service
High standards of quality & service 
Guaranteed delivery rate of 95%
Reliable partner, we guarantee stock availability

Best (shopper) experience
Outstanding on- and offline shopper support
Local merchandising teams

Shared market knowledge
Consumer & shopper insights via international research
Ease-of-elho: best support for shoppers in making the right choice

Partnership driver 3:

We feel responsible for bringing nature into people’s daily lives and making it accessible to a broader public.

Premium quality indoor and outdoor products
All weather & UV protection

elho products are made with 100% wind energy
70% are made with recycled material
Our aim is to be circular by 2020

Our products already bring today's nature more than 30 million times per year into people's daily lives
Network of green lovers

Together we are relevant for current and future shoppers