There is a layer of water in my green basics rain barrel. How can I get it out?

It is true that there will always be a layer of water in the rain barrel. However, you can almost completely empty the rain barrel. You can do this by removing the yellow plug that is below the tap, then you can let the rest of the water drain away.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to mount the tap at a lower point because otherwise there will not be enough space to put a watering can under it. In addition, the rain barrel does not work on water pressure or with pipes, which normally causes the water at the bottom to rise. 

Self-watering insert: which size do I need for which size pot?

The insert fits in most elho indoor pots, as well as other pots. For example pots made of ceramics. On this page you will find an image with an overview of which size insert you need for which size pot.

There is a water reservoir in the loft urban, but I don't see a hole in the pot?

The entire loft collection has a built-in water reservoir. This reservoir ensures that your plant never gets too much water, keeping your plant healthy! The water reservoir collects the excess water. When it rains, your plant will not stand with its roots in the water, but some of the water will be stored in the water reservoir. The extra water flows away through the overflow pipe. You do not have to drill holes in the loft products yourself, we have already done this for you.
In short: the plant roots are never in the water but can extract water from the reservoir if necessary. We love healthy plants!

Watch the instructional video: