green basics rain catcher 35ltr living concrete

green basics rain catcher 35ltr living concrete


  • Made of 100% recycled plastic, made with wind energy, 100% recyclable
  • 35-litre capacity
  • Fits on all standard round drainpipes
Full description

Color: living concrete

Size: W 33 x H 73 x D 38 cm

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Full description

Meet our newest addition to the green basics collection! With the green basics rain catcher you can collect and reuse rainwater even in the smallest garden or on your balcony! You can then use it to water your plants, as drinking water for your pets or for washing your windows. To make it even more environmentally friendly, our green basics rain catcher is made of recycled plastic and uses energy from our own windmill. A win-win situation! The green basics rain catcher has a 35-litre capacity and is easy to install between the drainpipe. When the rain catcher is full, it will simply let the surplus water out through an overflow. The tap at the bottom makes it easy to place a watering can under the rainbarrel. Do not forget to open the tap when it’s freezing!

Technical specification

Measurements W 33 x H 73 x D 38 cm
Volume 35 l
Weight 2125 gram
Color grey
Shape various
Material Plastic
Product type rainbarrel
Product usage balcony, outdoor
Waranty 3 years
Wheels No
Water reservoir No
Drainage system No
Lowered bottom No
Drill holes No
Optinal drill holes No
Container proof No
EAN 8711904361402

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Green basics rain catcher 35L – Lid grey


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