My sprayer is leaking, what should I do?


My product is not working

Water is not draining from the lid of my green basics rain barrel, what should I do?

How nice that you bought a rain barrel! Not only environmental friendly, plants also love rainwater.

How unfortunate that the water does not leave the lid. This can be caused by several factors.

It is important that the rain barrel is properly connected to the drainpipe with an angled PVC filler or a flexible filler where the connection to the drainpipe is at exactly the same height as the connection to the rain barrel. If this is done correctly, the water should flow into the drainpipe when the rain barrel tank is full. It is necessary that the barrel is level. If the filling tube is installed too high or if the rainwater tank is not level, the water cannot drain away and the planter will fill up with water.

At the back of the rain barrel, just under the lid, you will find a small hole with a drill mark. It can happen that the rain barrel fills up a little too much if it is not completely level. This hole can then prevent the lid from overflowing and the plants in the lid from floating in water. Ultimately, this hole is an extra safeguard and we recommend only using it if you are unable to install the rain barrel horizontally.

If the installation seems correct and you have checked everything mentioned above but the planter is still full of water, you can send us a picture of the rain barrel and the connection. We may then be able to give you some tips. Click here to contact us.

I have a pure raindrop, the tap is broken. What now?

We are sorry to hear that the tap of your rain collector has broken. This is very impractical!

The current version of the pure raindrop has been part of our collection since 2019 and has a different tap than the older pure raindrop. We will be happy to send you a new tap free of charge. Please click here to contact us.

The old version of the pure raindrop was a temporary product in our collection and has been out of stock for about five years.

If you have the old model, you can use a universal tap (1/2 inch) that is available at most DIY stores. Sometimes it also helps to use a coupling piece / transition piece (reducer ring) to a 3/4-inch universal tap. These taps are available from any DIY store.

If you are not sure which version you have, you can send our consumer service a picture of your pure raindrop via the link above.

My sprayer is leaking, what should I do?

This is not the quality you should expect from our products. We would like to ask you to send a photo/video to our green team. Is the EAN sticker still on the bottom of the product? Then it would help enormously to also send a photo of this, plus the order number of your order. Click here to contact us. Then we will look into all the options together.