How do I install the pure raindrop?


Mounting and drilling holes

How do I install the pure raindrop?

The pure raindrop is a rain barrel with a unique design. This stylish pure raindrop is a smart water-saving solution with a capacity of 70 liters that is easy to mount on the downpipe.

Before attaching the pure raindrop, please check the following things:

√ the diameter of the downpipe: this should be a minimum of 50 mm to a maximum of 80 mm;
√ make sure there is enough room on both sides of the pure raindrop (diameter 45cm);
√ does the downpipe sit away from the wall with a minimum of 15 mm and a maximum of 35 mm.

Pay attention!
If it freezes during winter months, the raindrop must be emptied. Open the tap and collect the rainwater. The tap must then remain open during the entire frost period. Tip: place a bucket under the tap to collect the extra rainwater.

Download the user manual (PDF) here

Watch the instructional video here: 

How do I install the green basics rain barrel?

Plants love rainwater. Our green basics rain barrel is ideal for storing rainwater and it includes a lid where you can put plants. The capacity of the rain barrel is 200L.

The rain barrel can be attached to your downpipe with a diverter pipe. When the rain barrel is full, the water will flow down through the downpipe. We recommend using either a static diverter or a flexible diverter.

The rain barrel is supplied with:

  • Lid
  • Tap
  • Stopper/plug (yellow)

Download the user manual (PDF) here

Watch the instruction video here : 

Do I have to drill holes in my pot?

Our outdoor pots already have holes, with the exception of our pure collection because these are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. If these pots are placed outside, you can drill holes yourself in the indicated places. You can recognize these places by the drill icon shown in the pot.

Our inside pots do not have pre-drilled holes. You can place your plant with the inner pot directly into all our indoor pots. This way you can see when the roots have grown too much and are ready to be repotted to a larger pot. Another option is to place your plant directly in the elho pot (without the inner pot). We recommend that you first place a layer of clay pebbles on the bottom so that the roots of the plants aren’t drowning in water too quickly. The challenge here is to give just enough – often rather too little than too much – water. It is best to get advice from the garden center / the horticulturist / flower and garden specialist.

How do I know which brackets to use for my balcony planter?

If you are looking for a suitable bracket for your elho balcony planter, you can look at the overview to see which brackets are suitable.