Our story

Nature makes people happy! You feel healthier and it gives you a huge energy boost. Being close to nature gives you that ultimate feeling!
But it's not always an option. We spend more time staring at screens than ever, cities are becoming more densely populated and technology is developing at a lightning-speed pace. But, hang on. Sometimes you just want to take a moment… And savour the nature around you. Relax and enjoy.

That's why it's our mission to bring nature to the place you come home to. Every day. And we are going to make it as attractive and as easy as possible for you, with nature always in mind.

Nature starts with plants, and a plant begins with a pot. And that pot? We take that pot very seriously. And have done so for 55 years. Our Dutch designers design the most beautiful pots in line with the latest colour- and design trends. They are constantly looking for new possibilities and smart solutions, so you can surround yourself with nature with as little effort as possible. Because that doesn't only make you happy; your plants and the environment will love you for it as well.

Give room to nature.