Emerald Palm

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Emerald Palm
Easy to care

Plant information

The Emerald Palm does not need much water. The plant can even go dry for a week or two during the winter. Water the Zamioculcas during the summer only when its top layer of soil has dried up.Zamioculcas stems can grow to enormous size. If they start to hang and you wish to trim them, do so about 5 cm from the tuber. You can also remove yellow leaves, but make sure you remove  them from as close to the stem as possible. When trimming, slice the parts to remove rathe rthan clip them- this is always better for succulents.
An Emerald Palm has absolutely no problem staying in the shade as long as the soil is moist. Is the growth of new leaves being retarded? Then it is sensible to move the plant to spot with a bit more light.
Repot the Zamioculcas immediately after purchase; the roots of the plant really need the space. You will notice that the plant container in which the plant is being held cannot be easily removed. If you do not succeed, carefully cut the container open to release the roots. Choose a large flower pot so that the roots can develop. After that, repot once every three years.

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