Strelizia reginae

strelizia or birds of paradise

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Give your plant a proper watering once a week
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Repot your plant once he outgrows the pot
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The strelitzia reginae, also known as bird-of-paradise, is one of the most amazing, fascinating flowering houseplants in the world. Just look at those bright green, huge leaves, tropical shapes and crazy beautiful flowers. What’s not to like? Because of its size, this plant does well in offices or other large spaces, and will most definitely be the life of the party in your living room.


Give your plant a proper, large drink of water once a week. Increase the amount during the summer: the soil should be somewhere between slightly moist and dry when you water your plant again. Add some fertiliser to the water once every two weeks. Decrease the amount of water and fertiliser during the winter months and let your plant rest for a bit.


Sunny, sunnier, sunniest! The strelitzia likes a bright, warm spot. Even direct sunlight is not an issue for this guy.


Repot the plant after purchase, or once he outgrows his pot. Every now and then, little baby plants might pop up in the soil. You can leave them be, or cut them out of the soil and place them in a new pot.