Peace Lily


Peace Lily
Easy to care

Plant information

Be reassured: even if you lack green thumbs, the Peace Lily is something for you. It is in fact impossible to drown the plant. The Spathiphyllum originates from the Amazon and can even survive under water. If plant goes a bit limp, it is time to give it water. Isn't it nice that this plant shows so well how it is doing.*Are you late in giving it water and are the leaves drooping? Then immerse the plant under water. This gives it a big boost and before you know it, the plant that creates an atmosphere will dazzle again.
Choose a spot for the Spathiphyllum that is not in direct sunlight, otherwise its leaves will turn yellow. A window facing North is the perfect platform for the Peace Lily. If the flowers turn green, move the plant to a spot with more light.
Repot the Peace Lily once in three years or when the pot becomes too small. Spring is the best time for this. Damaged roots recover faster in the springtime. You can also repot it immediately after purchase.