African hemp

Sparmannia africana

African hemp
Requires a lot of care

Plant information

The sparmannia is a picky drinker. From September to April, the plant likes his soil to be moist at all times, and needs extra fertiliser once a week. From May to August, the plant needs a bit of a break, and is fine letting his soil dry a bit between watering sessions. Mist the leaves with a plant sprayer once a week.
Find a sunny, bright spot with direct sunlight for your plant. The sparmannia doesn’t like temperatures above 20 degrees Celsius, so when you crank up the heat during winter (or when your living room is a sauna during the summer) make sure you find a cooler spot for your plant to stay.
Repot your plant once a year to a bigger plant pot, preferably during spring. The sparmannia can grow quite fast, so make sure he has enough room to do so.

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