String of pearls

Senecio rowleyanus

String of pearls
Easy to care

Plant information

The String-of-Pearls only requires a little water once a week, but only if the soil is completely dry. The plant retains lots of moisture in its pea-like leaves, hence there’s no need to give it extra water. The plant requires hardly any water in winter.
Hang the String-of-Pearls in a bright spot in your home, but avoid direct sunlight. The  Senecio rowleyanus is most comfortable in a room with a temperature above sixteen degrees Celsius. If the plant feels comfortable in its spot, it will grow rapidly.
Would you like to propagate the String-of-Pearls? Simply place some cuttings in soil. After a while, the cuttings will start growing roots. Repotting the plant is not simple; we therefore don't recommend doing it, except immediately after purchase of course.

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