Senecio mountain fire

Senecio Mountain Fire

Senecio mountain fire
Easy to care

Plant information

The Senecio Mountain Fire does not require much attention. During the growth period, a dash of water every so often is sufficient. During the winter the plant prefers rather dry soil, the extent of which will depend on its location.
Put the plant in a bright location during the entire year, but beware of the fierce summer sunlight during the warmest period of the day. The Senecio Mountain Fire does not like draughts. If the Senecio feels at home, then it can grow to fifty centimetres.
Repotting the Senecio Mountain Fire is only necessary if the plant has outgrown its pot. Making cuttings from it is easy. Take a piece of stem and after a few days of drying, plant it in slightly moist soil and let nature do the rest.

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