Senecio mount Everest

Senecio mount Everest

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A dash of water once every two weeks
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Likes plenty of sunlight indoors as well as outdoors.
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Repotting is not necessary
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The appearance of this plant is as exceptional as its name: the Curio Mount Everest. The cylinder-shaped leaves of the Senecio give it a leading role in any household but the Curio Mount Everest tops that with a piece of pure design. The Senecio, with its broad, thick, fleshy leaves is originally from South Africa, but this variety was 'accidentally' developed in 2010 by a Dutch grower, acquiring a trendsetting role as a result.


Watering a succulent is an easy task. It's enough to pour some water into the pot once every fortnight during the summer and once a month during the winter. The Curio Mount Everest also likes rainwater if it's on a terrace or balcony.


The Curio Mount Everest can endure a temperature range of 5-35 degrees with ease. If the plant is outside during the summer, then the wind will provide the necessary cooling. As a houseplant it fits anywhere in your home; but it's sure to do best in a bright, sunny spot.Try to touch the plant as little as possible, so as not to damage the leaves.


Although its name may suggest otherwise, this plant will never outgrow its pot. The Curio Mount Everest will usually not grow taller than forty to fifty centimetres. Repotting is not necessary.