Silver dust

Senecio cineraria

Silver dust
Easy to care

Plant information

If you plant silver dust in the garden, make sure it is planted in good, healthy soil. Silver Dust can survive a cool winter, but it is important to keep it frost free. Is the plant flowering? Make sure to remove dead flowers regularly. Water the plant now and then; the Senecio cineraria is a drought tolerant plant. However, do not let the ball of a potted plant dry out.
This annual requires a sunny, warm spot to realise its full potential. If silver dust feels comfortable, the plant will flower from June through September. Keep the plant in a compact shape by cutting it back.
Silver dust is easy to propagate using the plant’s seeds. The plant should only be repotted when it starts outgrowing its current pot. Preferably, this should be done in autumn, so that the plant can recover in its new environment.

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