Schefflera actinophylla

Easy to care

Plant information

During the summer, the Schefflera likes to be on slightly moist soil. In the winter it is important to have the ground dry up first. If in doubt, it is best to wait a while before giving water. The amount of water to give depends on the size of the pot and plant, and the temperature.
Give the Seven-finger a bright spot to  stay in without too much direct sunlight, and it will give you no trouble. Good to know: this plant does not tolerate drafts. Furthermore, the darker Schefflera needs less light than the brighter varieties. This rule actually holds for all plants. The brighter the leaf, the more light that the plant needs.
Repot the Seven-finger once every three years and give it a new top layer of fresh earth each year. This is best done in the spring. Damaged roots recover more quickly in the springtime than during the growing season.

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