Mistletoe cactus

Rhipsalis roseana

Mistletoe cactus
Easy to care

Plant information

Only water the mistletoe cactus when the soil is completely dry. The plant doesn’t like sitting in moist soil for extended periods of time as this will deteriorate the vitality and decorative value of the plant. Even better for the mistletoe cactus is to mist it now and then.
Unlike many of its relatives, the mistletoe cactus prefers shade. The plant will survive in the sun, but the leaves will turn lighter and it will require watering more often. Are you taking good care of the plant? If you do, you will be rewarded with pretty little flowers after two or three years.
Due to its slow growth it is not really necessary to repot the mistletoe cactus. You could do it immediately after purchase. In general it is better to repot in spring or summer.

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