Platycodon grandiflorus


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Water once a week
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Enjoys a bright or partial shade spot
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The Platycodon grandiflorus is also known as the balloon flower plant; its flower buds look just like bright little balloons. Once the plant starts to flower, the balloons turn into large, colourful star-shaped flowers that brighten up every dining table, balcony or garden.


The balloon flower plant doesn’t need much watering, once a week is just fine. Unless you want to place your plant outside in direct sunlight. In that case, he’ll need a little more sustenance to survive.


The plant likes to sit in well-draining soil. If outside, place the plant in the partial shade. If indoors, you can find a bright spot for your plant, but do make sure you avoid direct sunlight. Since the plant is a perennial, you can leave him outside once winter rolls around.


Repot your plant after purchase. If you think he’s grown too big, repot the plant in the spring.