Blue Star Fern

Phlebodium areum blue star

Blue Star Fern
Average care

Plant information

Given the natural, moist-air environment in which the Blue Star Fern originally grows, it's important that this houseplant be placed in soil that is always kept slightly damp. When watering, make sure to pour water down the side of the plant, not into its centre. If the Blue Star Fern does not feel well, its leaves will turn yellow, indicating that it is time to refresh the soil.
The Blue Star Fern is not very picky when it comes to finding a suitable location. The only thing that it won't like is direct sunlight. So, for a splendid outcome, look for a suitable spot in the shade with a touch of indirect sunlight.
You need only repot the Phlebodium aureum when the plant has outgrown its pot. This is best done in the spring so that any damaged roots can have enough time to recover.

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