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Gotta love a fresh, crunchy bell pepper in your salad, especially if it was grown in your own garden! Or on your balcony, the bell pepper plant can grow pretty much anywhere if you take care of him well enough. Growing your own veggies doesn’t have to be difficult, and the delicious results of all your efforts are totally worth it!


Bell pepper plants like humidity, so make sure the soil never gets too dry. Water your plant two or three times a week during the summer and avoid overhead watering: you don’t want to get the foliage too wet, as it can cause a fungi infection. And no one likes an infection! Add some fertiliser to the water once a month.


Bell peppers enjoy growing in the sun. If you don’t have a sunny spot outside, but do have room on a south-facing window sill, you can place your pepper plant inside as well. The bell peppers are ready for harvest when they’re fully red and hard to the touch.


If your plant survived the winter months, repot him in the spring.