Pachira aquatica

Money Tree

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A large measure of water once every three weeks
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Repot immediately after purchase or in the spring
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The Pachira Aquatica has a special nickname: the Money Tree. In the Far East it is claimed that the leaves of this plant can catch money. Not surprisingly, the Money Tree is a favoured gift - also because the plant purifies the air. It is an easy and decorative plant. The Pachira originates from the Brazilian wetlands.


Because the plant stores water in its stem, you can give it a large measure of water once every three weeks. Water it only after its soil has dried. You can learn to understand the plant better by feeling in the soil if you have watered it enough; in this manner you can avoid overwatering the plant. It is sensible to spray it regularly with lukewarm water in order to prevent leaf loss caused by warm, dry air.


The Money Tree enjoys light, but direct sunlight is too much of a good thing. The ideal location is a spot next to a window facing North, with the Pachira placed about three meters from it. If the leaves turn yellow, then the plant is receiving too much light.


It is best to repot a young Pachira yearly. This can be done immediately after purchase, or in the spring. During this period, damaged roots recover the fastest. Place the Money Tree in a sizable pot in order to reduce the risk of dehydration.