Bunny ears cactus

Opuntia microdasys

Bunny ears cactus
Easy to care

Plant information

It doesn’t take much for the bunny ears cactus to feel right at home. Naturally the plant requires little water, partially because the leaves retain moisture. Therefore only water the cactus when the soil is completely dry. In practice, this cactus only requires water once a fortnight. In winter, water it once a month.
Cacti love the sun, they feel comfortable in a warm spot in your home. Give the bunny ears cactus some time to get used to direct sunlight, this will prevent the plant from getting scorched. In winter the cactus likes to take it easier and it’s better to put it in a somewhat cooler spot.
There’s no need to repot the bunny ear cactus, unless it is outgrowing its pot. In that case it is recommended to rehome the cactus. Wear thick gloves and roll the cactus in some newspaper to avoid getting ‘stung’.

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