Olea europaea

Easy to care

Plant information

Olive trees like a warm and sunny position. The root system can be kept fairly damp, but must have good drainage. Curling leaves indicate that the plant is too wet. Especially larger specimens can tolerate frosts to -5 degrees Celcius; at lower temperatures, cover the plant with protective cloth. If the olive tree is to be grown in a container, ensure good drainage; this allows it to stay more frost-free during the winter. During the March to September growth phase, apply a small amount of fertiliser, it is better to add too little than too much. Prune early in the Spring to maintain a nice shape as well as to stimulate growth.
This Mediterranean beauty loves his sunshine, so find a spot with enough direct sunlight. You can leave the plant outside once temperatures drop. If you want to keep the plant indoors, make sure you have enough natural, direct sunlight to keep him happy.
Repot your plant once a year during spring. If your plant is a fast grower, make sure to repot the plant into a bigger plant pot to give him enough room to keep growing.

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