Ocimum basilicum

Easy to care

Plant information

Basil is always thirsty, hence water the plant regularly. The soil should be kept slightly moist. Harvesting the leaves regularly stimulates the plant’s growth. Pick the flowers, so the plant can put all its energy in its tasty leaves.
Basil is fragile and requires sunlight to survive. Find a warm spot for the plant, but be careful with direct sunlight. Basil thrives indoors in containers and also does well on patios. However, protect your plant from the cold and bring your Basil plant indoors before it gets too cold at night.
Basil leaves are edible immediately after repotting or placing the plant in the garden. By providing enough light for the plant, your Basil plant will continue to thrive. Grow your own Basil plant by sowing seeds in a propagator. Repot the plant immediately after purchase.

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