Sword fern


Sword fern
Average care

Plant information

Ensure lightly moist soil at all times so that the fern has enough to drink. Make sure that no layer of water arises at the bottom of the pot since this can lead to root rot. Ferns also do well in humid places in the home, such as the bathroom or kitchen.
Ferns come into their own anywhere, but are found especially in places where other plants fail to thrive. A fern feels quite at home in a spot away from direct sunlight or in partial shade. If the leaves start to go yellow and the plant droops, then it is in a spot that is too brightly illuminated.
Repotting is often unnecessary because the fern grows slowly. Is the plant outgrowing its pot? In that case, the best time to transfer the plant to a more spacious pot is in the spring or summer.

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