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A fresh look and a fresh scent. Mint is an indispensable plant for fans of herb gardens and people who grow their own ingredients. Mint leaves add extra flavour to many dishes, such as salads, potatoes and lamb. Mint can also be used when making delicious drinks such as Mojitos and other cocktails. During the flowering period, the mint plant is adorned with violet flowers.


Mint is a perennial that loves lots of moisture. Make sure you water the plant regularly.


Mint can be kept both indoors and outdoors. This hardy plant feels comfortable in partial shade, but has no issues in full sun either. Due to the plant spreading quickly, it is a good idea to plant Mint in pots.


If the plant outgrows its pot, it is time to repot it. Mint is also easy to prune. Simply propagate the plant using the roots. When the plant looks wilted, cut it all the way back and fresh new leaves will make it come back to life.