Winter rose

Helleborus x ericsmithii

Winter rose
Easy to care

Plant information

Growing a helleborus requires some patience. The plant enjoys chalky and humus-rich soil, and you can plant your helleborus any time between March and the end of autumn. Give the plant some fertiliser every once in a while to keep him happy, and be careful not to overwater. If placed outside, the plant will start showing its flowers in January. If indoors, the blooms might pop up a full month earlier.
The helleborus prefers a sunny or partial shade spot. If placed in full shade, the plant won’t give as many flowers. This winter rose also grows well in a pot.
Repot your plant if it has outgrown its pot, always after the flowering period so the roots have time to gather their strength. Propagating a helleborus is easy, just uproot the plant and separate the rhizomes, dividing the plant in half. Plant the two new plants in their own pots and watch them grow.

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