Tobacco Plant

Ficus lyrata

Tobacco Plant
Easy to care

Plant information

Care of the Tobacco Plant is simple. All that the plant requires is enough light and lots of water, especially in the summer. Make sure that the soil is always damp. Clean the large leaves with a damp cloth to prevent them becoming dull. If the leaves start to hang down, then the conditions are not optimal. Check if the plant is  too close to a radiator, is in a draft, or is in too dark a location.
The Fycus Lyrata prefers a sunny spot without excessive, bright sunlight. It is especially important that the crown of the plant receives sufficient light. The Tobacco Plant does not like being in a draft.
Repot the Tobacco Plant once every two years, so that the plant can continue to grow well. Choose a medium-sized pot. If you are satisfied with the size of the plant, then repotting once every five years will be sufficient.

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