Intense blue fescue

Festuca glauca

Intense blue fescue
Easy to care

Plant information

Ornamental grasses love water. To keep the plant happy, make sure the soil is kept slightly moist and don't let it dry out. It is best to lift the leaves and water underneath them, so the water can easily be absorbed into the soil.
The sun is Festuca’s best friend. Not only does the plant need natural light to grow, rays of sunshine will also bring out the plant's most beautiful colours. If the Festuca glauca is placed on a spot with less sunlight, its leaves will discolour and the plant will become more pale blue.
It is best to repot ornamental grasses in spring. Provide plenty of water to the newly repotted plant so it can recover. Propagate the Festuca by dividing the root ball into different parts.

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