Erica gracilis

Cape heath

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When you think of heath, an abundance of natural colours comes to mind. Why not have this sea of colours in your own home? The Erica gracilis, better known as Cape heath, does not require vast fields to feel comfortable. This plants also likes to show off its beauty in your home or on your patio. As the flowers grow in clusters, the colour of the Cape heath is even more pronounced during the flowering period.


Heath is a low maintenance plant. An occasional splash of water is all it needs; rain water is preferred. Also make sure the water isn’t too cold.


Heath loves a spot with lots of natural light, but avoid long periods of direct sunlight. Heath does not like a dry atmosphere, the plant prefers an unheated room. This plant brightens up autumn, as it blooms later in the year.


Repotting heath is only necessary when the plant is starting to outgrow its pot. When the plant is done blooming, prune it. Enjoy its colour once again during the next flowering period.