Areca palm

Aracea dypsis palm

Areca palm
Easy to care

Plant information

Make sure that the house palm's soil remains slightly moist. Water regularly, particularly in the beginning. You can best understand your plant's needs by feeling in the soil whether you have given enough water; in this way you avoid overwatering. After a while you will know exactly how much water your Areca needs.
This house plant likes a bright location without remaining too long in direct sunlight. A window facing North is the ideal spot for the Areca palm. If you place the houseplant in front of a window facing west or east, keep a distance of about two meters. It is a good idea to regularly give the plant a quarter turn.
You can report the Areca immediately after purchase, but for best results do it in the spring. The plant will do fine in its plant container until it is repotted. You can keep the plant in this manner as long as you lift the plant out of the pot in the event of overwatering, so that you can pour out the excess water. When it is time to repot, take a larger pot in order that the soil in it can absorb sufficient water.

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