Delosperma echinatum

Easy to care

Plant information

As a succulent, the delosperma echinatum doesn’t require much attention. Water the plant once every three weeks in the winter, and around once a week in the summer. Make sure the soil is always completely dry when you water. If it’s still moist from your last watering session, it’s best to leave your plant be, as succulents really don’t enjoy overwatering.
The pickle plant loves his sunshine, so a spot in front of the window on a windowsill is perfect. You can also place the plant outside during warm, hot summers, but make sure the plant doesn’t drown during a heavy summer rainstorm.
You can repot your plant right after purchase, or once every two years if he’s outgrown his pot. Feel like propagating your pickle plant? Cut off a leave just above the stem using clean scissors, plant the leave in a new pot and keep the soil moist for a while with a plant sprayer. Once the leave starts growing into a new plant, you can switch to regular watering measures.

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