Umbrella palm

Cyperus alternifolius

Umbrella palm
Average care

Plant information

The Cyperus Alternifolius is a true marsh plant occurring mainly in African wetlands. The plant has retained these characteristics. The Umbrella plant loves being wet at its base. So water this elegant green perennial regularly or choose a flowerpot with a watering system.
In spite of its exotic origins, the Umbrella plant thrives in living rooms. But do keep the plant away from radiators and place it in a bright area. It is advisable to avoid the strong midday sun in the summer. If you wish to place the Umbrella plant in the garden, choose a spot that's protected from the wind.
Is your Umbrella plant growing with verve? It is then necessary to repot it once or even twice per year. Cut off some of the roots and select a similar pot. In this way you can prevent a giant Cyperus Alternifolius taking over your living room.

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