Sago palm

Cycas revoluta

Sago palm
Easy to care

Plant information

The roots of the Sago Palm are sensitive to overwatering; so, the plant isn't a thirsty one. Only water the Cycas when the soil has dried out. The plant can endure several weeks without water during the winter. Spraying is not necessary, but it does help in removing dust from the leaves. If a leaf turns yellow, it can be removed. By removing the yellow leaves, all of the plant's energy will be diverted to the healthy ones. In short: your plant will be even more dazzling!
You won't have any problems with where you place the Cycas as long as the plant receives a moderate amount of light. Direct sunlight is also not a problem, as long as you gradually nudge the plant closer to the window. Warmth is important for this plant; this tropical sensation doesn't like cold surroundings.
Repot the Sago Palm directly after purchase or in the spring. Damaged roots recover faster in the springtime. Repeat this procedure every three years.

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