Campanula portenschlagiana

Dalamtian bellflower

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Water your plant three times a week
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Place your plant in a bright spot without direct sunlight
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Repot your plant in the spring
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It looks like a sweet and vulnerable little plant, but in case of the campanula, looks can be deceiving. This Dalmatian bellflower is a super strong plant that can thrive without much effort, both indoors and outdoors. In Croatia, you’ll find this plant growing wild in the Dalmatian mountains. At home, the campanula looks good in pretty much any interior or garden. For a modern feel, combine the plant with a dark, robust flowerpot. For a more romantic touch, an elegant, pastel-coloured plant pot will do.


The Dalmatian bellflower likes his water, so make sure you water your plant about three times a week. If you put your plant outside during dry summer months, make sure you check on it daily to see if it needs a drink. Add some fertiliser to the water once a month.


Indoors, the campanula likes to sit in a bright spot without direct sunlight. Outside, the plant does well in both in the sun and partial shade.


Repot your plant in the spring with a healthy dose of fresh soil. The Dalmatian bellflower isn’t a fast grower, so you can probably return the plant to the same pot.