Callistemon citrinus

Easy to care

Plant information

The Callistemon can be put outside early but needs to be covered during frosty nights. The plant is cultivated with calcium free water. In early May, the Callistemon is put outside in a sunny spot; fortnightly fertilisation is recommended. When it has finished flowering, it is pruned back to prevent the seed pods from developing. Also prevent the plant from becoming too dry in the summer because it will have trouble recovering after this.
This bush prefers a sunny spot and it is quite wind tolerant. However it is not at all frost resistant. It is best to keep this plant indoors during the winter. If it is being kept outside, effective frost protection is essential.
Every 2 to 4 years, older plants are repotted into relatively acid soil to which a large amount of peat has been added (azalea potting mix). Take extra care of the delicate roots of this plant.

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